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20th April 2014

Integrating Products with Ebay

Integrating Products with Ebay Comments : 0 Author: Andy Fox Category : Business

Listing Products on Ebay

For some time we have been developing an interface between our Webshop/Ecommerce system and eBay. Now we are proud to release the system to the market.

The new eBay system allows you to list and sell your products efficiently from the back of our website. All you have to do is tick a box in the Administration section and the product is published to eBay. You can list hundreds of products with no double or triple handing and in record time.

The timesaving is massive, imagine for a low level user spending a minimum of 2 hours per day managing the eBay store, over and above the normal website, that’s 520 hours per year and if your time is valued at $80 per hour, the opportunity cost on your time is $41,600.

Imagine freeing up nearly $42,000 of your time and that’s before you actually sell something.

Here’s how it works;

1. You add a product to the Webstore.
2. Select the products to list on eBay.
3. System publishes the item.
4. eBay sells the item, when minimum stock level is reached the product is delisted.
5. The order is sent to the Webstore.
6. You manage the order in one place.
7. On completion you are prompted to send your feedback.
8. You are ready to go and order more stock.

Pricing can be different for your Webstore or eBay.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom Ecommerce system and our eBay system, feel welcome to contact us on (03) 5249-5570 or

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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.