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07th September 2014

Wholesalers Advertise for Free!!

Wholesalers Advertise for Free!! Comments : 0 Author: Andy Fox Category : Business

Innovative wholesale companies advertise for FREE!!

What would you pay to advertise your products to 1 million more people per month, how about for free?

Wholesale today is about competitive advantage and looking for smarter and easier ways of doing things, whilst improving margins, although too many wholesalers are clinging to the old school way of doing things.
The feedback we get from retailers we set up e-commerce sites for is wholesalers are way to old school to help themselves. How frustrating is it for the dealers who really want to create a unique customer experience through ecommerce or product listings or product details, and can’t get the data from the wholesaler.
Here we have retailer passionate about your brand, wanting to sell more of your products. However, when they contact marketing they hear, oh we have a website you can direct your customers to, or we don’t have images for our products or even worse, I can send you the PDF catalogues and you can extract the data.
Hang on a minute, here we have a group of people passionate about your (the wholesalers) products and they want to market and promote your stuff FOR FREE!!!!

What price would you pay to expose your products to 150,000 to 1 million people per month? To get a reach of 1 million people we would be talking over 6 figures.

Let’s break it down, the average dealer with a half decent ecommerce site has conservatively 10,000 people per month coming to their site. 15 dealers = 150,000 people per month seeing your products. A larger dealer network might have 100 dealers, now we are talking 1 million people or more. Then there is the viral effect, if people like your products on the retail site that goes to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and then their friends see it, now were talking real numbers.
Come and get the free stuff, the answer is simple.
As a wholesaler you have to manage the data at least once, you would have an inventory management system that you use. The data once configured can be shared real time, via an API (Automated Programming Interface), this means your marketing people just need to give the “how to” notes to the retailer and they can get their web guys to call your data into their site.
It just makes sense….
The retailer gets the information and sells more parts, you get the free advertising and sell more parts and your marketing team is made more efficient because they have no more pesky calls asking for images and information for websites. Bonus being, they can reinvest their time into doing something positive and meaningful for the brand and the business.

Will this work for you? It’s currently working for our clients. We have seen targets of an extra 1 million dollars growth in spare parts sales for the year.

Andy Fox runs a specialist automotive digital company, Fox Digital Web Pty Ltd. To contact Andy, call on his mobile on 0417 717 6330417 717 633 or email

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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.