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14th May 2014

Wholesale Revolution

Wholesale Revolution Comments : 0 Author: Andy Fox Category : Business

Wholesale Revolution

If there’s an industry needing a hand at the moment, Wholesale would have to be it, with lower margins, softening markets, overseas/online shopping, etc., business can be getting pretty tough.

A technology solution might just be the answer and there are some pretty interesting ways in which companies are trying to adapt their traditional business models.

For example; we’ve been working with Suzuki Australia for some time delivering 2.5 million spare parts via an Application Programming Interface (API), to the dealer network.

The flow on effect for the company has been quite powerful;

1. Increased sales.
2. Provides the dealer to have the flexibility of local branding and control over margins.
3. Suzuki Australia refreshes the system once and every dealer gets the update.
4. Pricing can be set at a local level.
5. Suzuki Australia controls the environment and the way in which their data is used.
6. Dealers are provided with a non-traditional revenue stream.

Further advantages include; convenience for the trade/retail customers being able to shop online when they want, how they want and the dealer gets to craft a unique user experience for them and create a database of names to market to.

Some dealers have set up quote systems for the trade base and integrated the online shop into their offline inventory system, driving further operational efficiencies.

Imagine for one second, you are a wholesaler and you have a database of say 100,000 products, your re-sellers are trying to manually add these products to their websites, too much work and they put it in the too hard basket. The net effect is you as the wholesaler, lose the chance to sell more of your products and in turn profit goes with it.

So why not make it easy for them? Develop an API and have all of your re-sellers selling all of your products online, all of the time. After all, don’t you want to sell more parts?

If you’d like to learn more on how we can enable this sales channel for you, contact us on (03) 5249-5570 or

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