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How much does a website cost?
The price of a website depends on a combination of factors, and varies with each client. It depends on how many pages you need, whether you want to sell products online, the extent of the site’s interactivity and the level of graphics you need.

You may also need a domain name (www.yoursite.com.au) and web hosting (where your site’s data is stores). We can take care of both of these items, but you may already have them if you have an existing website.
How long does it take to build a website?
Similar to the pricing question, time varies greatly depending on each individual project. Factors that determine the time frame for your websites development include the size of the website, the complexity of its features as well as our current production schedule.

External influences can affect the website timeline, such as integration with other services or portals or acquisition of images, logos etc, which are essential to the site.
How do I get listed on Google?
Submitting a listing to Google is free. We submit all websites to Google and Yahoo once they are live.
Why is my website not in Google search results?
Although we submit all websites to Google and Yahoo as soon as they are live, it may take the search engines several weeks to “index” or acknowledge your site.
What do I have to provide?
We ask all clients to provide as with as much information and reference material of their business as possible, to allow us to properly represent the brand. Essential items include a logo, company and product images, product details and contact information.

However, if you don’t have all of the above, we can help. Fox Digital Web can design your logo, take professional photos of your business and products or source stock images.
Is it better to use a local design or strategy firm?
In this age of technology and communication, “local” has become a very relative term. If you prefer to have frequent, physical communication during the process, it is better to use a local firm. However, if you can maintain contact over email and phone, you can be anywhere in the world while your project is completed.

We have worked with businesses in Melbourne, Geelong, Warrnambool and regional Victoria which can be considered “local”. At the same time, we have also had projects on for interstate companies, and both had successful results.

Who owns the finished design, brand or website?
You, the client, owns the finished product, whether it's a brand, logo or website. Ownership is transferred once we receive all payment for the work.

Fox Digital Web reserves the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes (for example on our Portfolio page.)

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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.