With the Smartphone and Tablet boom, people are using these mobile devices to search the net and share communication more and more everyday.

This raises two challenges for the person running a business;

Do I need an App?
Do I need a mobile website?

Depending on your functionality and the interaction with the website and online connectivity, a mobile site can be more powerful or there can be an interaction between the two. An App to perform the functions while offline and synchronises to an online/offline system.

Fox Digital Web can craft you an iPhone or Android App for phone or tablet devices, and upload it to Google Play or iTunes store for you.

We can also help you determine the functionality requirements for your App, with a scoping session, to learn what your requirement should be.

If a mobile website is what you need, we can craft up a mobile version of your current website or help you with a new website which is responsively designed to maximise viewing on all devices.

Contact us to learn more.

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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.