BACKhaus Bakery


The owner of BACKhaus Bakery contacted us to explain his new project. The new business would be a boutique breadshop, baking a premium range of breads with no preservatives or additives.

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, we needed to come up with a name, look and feel for the brand to resonate with the public. We were also aware the new brand needed to hark back to his heritage of European style bread making.

We then needed to roll out the branding across all of the marketing collateral including; the website, business cards, letter heads, etc.


After a brainstorming session, the name was agreed on and the preliminary designs were created. Next we developed the identity to fit the above criteria.

The end result, was the design of a logo that has an old school European look, with a modern touch to it, ensuring the image is relevant to the modern market. Colours were inspired by the grains, flour and ingredients in the bread.

The new identity was then rolled out to the other marketing collateral and launched into the market.

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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.