North Geelong Engines


North Geelong Engines have a heritage position in the marketplace. They have been, and are considered to be one of the premium suppliers in the marketplace. They approached us as they were worried the brand was no longer relevant in the marketplace and looking really tired.

After further investigation we chose to tweak the name and totally re-invent the look and feel of the business.

We felt the word “reconditioners” in the original name gave an old feel, and given it is a reducing market, positioned the company in a weak position for the future.

The brand identity refresh was desperately required.


The shortening of the name has resulted in a modernisation, allowing the business to trade in a broader sense moving forward. We wanted to make an impact in the market and get people talking, so we went for a bold and striking new identity that has influences from racing and high technical engineering, whilst being clean, simple and aspirational.

For that added punch and a message to be sent to the market, we re-designed the front of the building to take full advantage of the new colour scheme and maximise visual impact.
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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.