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Fox Digital Web has become one of the leading companies delivering spare parts to the motorcycle industry. One of our specialities is a system we’ve developed for Suzuki Australia to deliver 2.5 million spare parts to the motorcycle industry through an Application Programming Interface (API).

We can also integrate with the Honda Motorcycles Online EPC system and can create KTM and Husaberg stores for dealers if required.

All of the integrations have one central system that deals with OEM, non-OEM parts, trade discounts and other functionalities to make life easy for your customers.

There are 2 key areas we have developed products for:

1. The wholesaler distributing the current product range via an API to a dealer network/re-sellers; and
2. Retail shops with multiple suppliers that need to be integrated into the supplier data system and the dealer local Dealer Management System (DMS).

We have a strong capability in designing, developing and delivering these types of systems.

As a result of the Fox Digital Web parts systems, our clients are generating turnover they would normally have not been able to if they had not gone online and cemented relationships with their trade base through clever implementation.

The flow on effect is;

  • Wholesalers are delivering parts to a dealer network with little effort dealers can list products on their site for sale.
  • Retailers are generating substantial turnover increases.
  • Creating operation efficiencies when trade customer order online and not ring on the phone, freeing up your resources.
  • Clients are developing new revenue channels.
We are able to design and implement online software to deliver on your strategy. Contact us to learn how we can enable your business.

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©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.
©2013 Fox Digital Web. All rights reserved.